Do you have a creativity box?

Do you have a creativity box?

That may not be your name for it – creativity box, invention box, “I’m bored” box – you could call it any number of things. Whatever its’ name, do you have one?

With wild weather closing in and the possibility of power outages rising, a creativity box could be your best friend. I was reminded of my childhood box at Family Engineering Night. My box held a crazy combination of items: wires, batteries, miniature motors, electrical circuits, popsicle sticks, glue, yarn, paper and foamcore scraps, beads, crayons, markers, colored pencils, and bits of leftover fabric. (It reflected the interests of my parents; my father was an electrical engineer, and my mother was very creative.) Whenever I was “bored”, or didn’t want to read, or the weather didn’t permit fun outside, I went to the creativity box.

I invented machines and circuits, connected them to batteries, and made them buzz or flap or light up. I made multimedia collages, knotted yarn or wire bracelets, and sketched out designs for ideas and inventions I didn’t have the materials or skills to build.

My creativity box fostered exactly that – creativity. It gave me hours of open-ended invention, problem solving, and enjoyment. It didn’t need the Internet, a computer, iPad, or iPhone. The power I harnessed was the power of my creative imagination – a skill for any generation!

So do you have things sitting around the house to make your own creativity box? It could be a great mind-stretching alternative to draining the batteries on your electronics, especially if your power goes out.

Stay safe and warm!


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