Gravy, Giving, and Thanks

Dear Springville Family:

In this time of gratitude and thanks, I appreciate all the concern and well wishes as I took my medical leave. I’m so happy to be back at Springville and feel great!

Our Giving Tree is going up in the lobby, waiting to be covered with new hats, gloves, scarves and mittens. All items donated are given to a local family services organization, and we always appreciate your generous participation!

The Gravy collection is also continuing until December 15th. Our goal is 300 cans, and we’re not there yet!

Also, as the year draws to an end, so does the printing of Tiger Talk in its’ current format. As I mentioned in the September/October edition, we’re been moving to phase out Tiger Talk as it presently exists by January. Teacher and grade level information previously published here are available on teacher webpages. My messages are appearing on my newest venture, my blog. Please check it out at: and subscribe!

I hope this is just the beginning of a new and more collaborative method of sharing all the good things going on here at Springville.

Best wishes to everyone in our Springville Family for happy memories together and a wonderful New Year!


Dr. Mitchell


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