Welcome Back to a New School Year!

Welcome back to another wonderful school year! This is our newest adventure: the Springville School blog! “But wait!” you might say. “What about Tiger Talk?

We’re moving to phase out the hard copy Tiger Talk by January and be completely on-line. Teacher and grade level information previously published here will be available on teacher webpages. My message will appear here monthly, with updates and blog posts as needed to share the exciting things going on here at school.

Until January, we will run parallel systems: both Tiger Talk in it’s current state, and the same information posted on the blog and webpages. I look forward to your feedback and perspectives as we move into this new adventure.

Speaking of new adventures, have your children come home talking about BeeBots or Cubelets? They are our latest experiment.

Professional learning community time for teachers increased this year to weekly. With a class period at my disposal for the entire school year for grades first through fourth, I wanted to use that time to enrich and extend our students’ thinking. With BeeBots and Cubelets, supported by our three technology teachers, students will be able to explore coding and robotics, as well as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. We’ll also incorporate coding websites such as CodeMonkey and use our Chromebooks.

I’m very excited about the opportunities and possibilities for exploration, learning, and individual growth. I’ll keep you informed!

Please let us know by returning your form if you want to continue to receive a paper Tiger Talk for the remaining time we will publish it. It’s going to be another great year!


Dr. Mitchell


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